Cradlepoint Rugged Wireless Networking

The Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Series is a compact, ruggedized 3G/4G/LTE networking solution designed for mission-critical connectivity in the most challenging environments. Ideal for in-vehicle networks including police cars, ambulances, and mass transit, this cloud-managed solution provides organizations the ability to scale deployments quickly and manage their vehicle networks easily in real-time. With an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, the COR IBR1100 is engineered to protect against extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, water splash, reverse polarity, and transient voltage.

Meru Announces Adios Aruba Program

Meru Networks makes it easy and affordable to migrate your Aruba® or HP® Wi-Fi to the fastest 802.11ac solution on the market.1 Trade-up to Meru and experience the benefits of the only SDN OpenFlow™ certified intelligent 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution available on the market today and save up to 50%. Every solution bundle also includes a FREE 100 user license of Meru Connect our BYOD solution!

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Meru Networks’ WiFi Outperforms Aruba, Cisco

The Meru Networks AP832i access point:

  1. Consistently outperformed Aruba Networks and Cisco Systems solutions with data, VoIP and video
  2. Delivered 2X the throughput of Aruba Networks when handling data/voice at 40/80Mhz
  3. Exhibited significantly lower latency streaming video traffic than Aruba Networks and Cisco systems

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Get Faster WiFi for your School or College

Applications demand more bandwidth than ever before, and end users carry multiple devices. 802.11ac is a new wireless networking standard that builds on the success of 802.11n to allow you to stay ahead of evolving business needs. Meru Networks’ access points deliver wireless connectivity to support data, voice, and video applications with superior predictability and reliability. They are designed for use in a broad variety of settings, including classrooms, lecture halls, hotels, stadiums, and hospitals.

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Need Fast WiFi? Choose Meru Networks

The fourth-largest public school district in the United States, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has 347,000 students, 44,000 teachers and staff, and 365 schools, many in economically disadvantaged areas.


  • Give every student equal access to technology for learning and future success
  • Manage technology for uninterrupted learning for hundreds of thousands of students and teachers
  • Meet state and district mandates for the adoption of e-textbooks, online courses, and online common core assessment

Deployment Summary

  • Goal: wireless access in 365 schools, in all classrooms and common areas used for learning
  • 2,400 Meru access points deployed, consisting of AP311s, AP320s, and AP433s
  • 15,000 more access points planned
  • Three-radio APs (AP433s) for Gigabit/sec connectivity to future-proof the network
  • 100 Meru controllers deployed, including MC1000, MC3000, MC3200, MC4100, MC4200


  • Ability to scale the network and add access points without the cost and trouble of re-engineering
  • Reliable high-performance in high-density areas such as auditoriums and cafeterias
  • Reliable, stable connection for online core testing
  • A responsive technology partnership for mission-critical wireless infrastructure

Deploy 802.11ac with Meru Networks

Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah has deployed an extensive Meru Wi-Fi network to address high densities of mobile devices and deliver comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the Salt Palace, a 679,000 square foot facility.

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Marlins Park Chooses Meru Networks for WiFi

Barless Park was conceived back in 2008. We started planning for the Wi-Fi environment in 2009. The network serves 37,440 in this ballpark, 21,000 of which are in the lower bowl, and that serves as our highest density area. And in 2012, we had approximately 250 APs on the system, and we’re constantly growing.

As far as Wi-Fi is concerned, it’s got 100 percent coverage in every area of the ball park, including the center field area, which is an open area. From a 25 percent capacity model, we went to a 40 percent capacity model by the time we opened up the ballpark.

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Faster iPhone 6 WiFi with Meru Networks

It may start as a trickle, but it won’t take long before the new iPhone 6 floods our corporate networks. With Apple reporting a record number of iPhone 6’s sold the first week on the market, this will be sooner rather than later. The new iPhone looks to be one of the most popular iPhones ever, and JPMorgan estimates that 235 million iPhones will be sold in the next year.

The iPhone 6 supports 802.11ac for up to 3x faster Wi-Fi, according to Apple. In addition, the iPhone has built-in Wi-Fi calling, and is able to hand calls off from Wi-Fi to the cellular network and back while the call is active.

When considering your migration to 802.11ac, consider that Meru makes the fastest 802.11ac access points in the world. According to recent tests by the independent Tolly Group, Meru’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi is 40 percent faster than Cisco and 100 percent faster than Aruba.

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Olea Networks Introduces LINCWorks Wireless Networking

Olea Network wireless network engineers are experts at assessing, designing and troubleshooting wireless networks. Most networks were designed for specific device use or designed to support specific applications. The Olea Networks design methodology was created because networks need to be able to support all devices and all applications in a flexible and manageable manner. We are experts at designing networks in the most demanding environments. We offer a full suite of services designed to optimize any wireless network deployment to ensure wireless users can utilize mobile devices their jobs require whenever and wherever they are within the building, campus, or job site.

Meru Networks: 1.3Gbps 802.11ac!

Experience seamless mobility, plug-and-play deployment, and easy capacity expansion. Meru WLAN access points support data, voice, and video apps with superior reliability and predictability.