What is C1D2 Certification for Tablets?

CID2 is an ANSI/ ISA North American certification for hazardous locations. It covers three types of hazardous locations categorized by Class I (gases, vapors, and liquids), Class II (dusts), and Class III (fibers and flyings). Division 1 means normally explosive and hazardous, and Division 2 protects against elements not normally present in an explosive concentration but that may accidentally exist.

Consider an off-shore oil rig. It’s typically a complex with housing, offices, operations control rooms, and a drilling platform – all of which are almost uncomfortably close to one another. The drilling platform often has an explosive atmosphere (for obvious reasons), and oil companies need to ensure that any electronic device brought near the drilling area be certified as safe for use around those common spark and high heat elements. Not only for the workers on the platform but the safety of all personnel and infrastructure confined to the rig.

One way to confidently ensure this level of safety is to equip all mobile users with electronic devices that are either C1D2 or ATEX certified. Oil rig operators are concerned that, despite policy and warning signs, workers may accidentally carry a non-compliant mobile computer from their office onto the platform. The risk of a “simple” mistake like this is too much of a risk to take. Other oil and gas operations have decided that their procedures are robust and simply limit access to secure explosive areas to approved workers with C1D2/ATEX-certified rugged tablets. Either approach is viable.

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